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Building the web3 economy

Building the web3 economy

Euler is a team of software engineers and quantitative analysts specialising in the research and development of financial applications.

Our latest work

We contribute to Euler Finance, a non-custodial money market protocol on Ethereum.

We contribute to Euler Finance, a non-custodial money market protocol on Ethereum.
Euler is a capital-efficient permissionless lending protocol that helps users to earn interest on their crypto assets or hedge against volatile markets without the need for a trusted third-party. Euler features a number of innovations not seen before in DeFi:
  • Permissionless lending markets
  • Reactive interest rates
  • Protected collateral
  • MEV-resistant liquidations
  • Multi-collateral stability pools
  • Sub-accounts
  • Risk-adjusted loans


The team come from all walks of life, but are unified in their goal to bring decentralised finance to the masses. Find out more details about the team below, and view open vacancies here.

Dr Michael Bentleyimage

Dr Michael Bentley

Co-founder + CEO

Michael previously worked as an evolutionary biologists modelling complex systems using game theory and dynamical systems theory at the University of Oxford.

Doug Hoyteimage

Doug Hoyte

Co-founder + blockchain dev

Doug is a programmer, author, and teacher specialising in network security and financial applications. He appreciates well-designed systems, efficient code, and simple solutions.

Jack Priorimage

Jack Prior

Co-founder + full-stack dev

Jack previously worked as a web developer for Salary Finance, Fintricity, Qadre, Bought By Many, Discovery Education, and Havas/DBI.

Brandon Nealimage

Brandon Neal


Brandon previously spent two decades on Wall Street, most recently at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, where he led strategic planning and managed the NY op of the US Treasury Auction.

Maryam Beriaimage

Maryam Beria

Head of Strategy and Operations

Maryam is an experienced product leader in financial software. Previously, she led product & engineering efforts at Ridgeline. Earlier she traded equities at a $50B investment firm acquired by BlackRock. Maryam holds a BS in Finance from UC Berkeley Haas. She loves building teams & products at early stage startups.

Alicia Katzimage

Alicia Katz

Head of Marketing

Alicia produced advertising across all mediums for 15 years - from TV ads and viral videos to large scale billboards. She is passionate about engaging and clear communication, supporting mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Nemitari Ajienkaimage

Nemitari Ajienka

Blockchain dev

Nemitari has a PhD from Brunel University, worked as a CompSci Senior Lecturer Nottingham Trent University, developed smart contracts for Populous World, and worked as a blockchain developer for Fintricity.

Dariusz Glowinskiimage

Dariusz Glowinski

Blockchain dev

Full-stack blockchain dev, building with EVM and Solidity since 2017. Experienced both in public and enterprise blockchains. Built a Solidity application framework for the Quorum blockchain in previous life.

Kasper Pawlowskiimage

Kasper Pawlowski

Blockchain dev

Kasper is a postgraduate Blockchain Development student at George Brown College in Toronto. Originally graduated from Aerospace Engineering and worked as safety critical software engineer. He decided to change his career path to more dynamic industry.

Lee Mountimage

Lee Mount

Head of EulerSwap

Lee was a CS major at MIT and previously worked as a trader at Citadel and Morgan Stanley before going down the DeFi rabbit hole. He is interested in engineering the building blocks of a new financial system.

Rangel Stoilovimage

Rangel Stoilov

Tech Lead Backend

Rangel previously worked as front end developer at DappRadar and AdEx Network. He has 4 years of experience with Solidity and smart contracts and is passionate in exploring the Dark Forest.

Wojtek Zającimage

Wojtek Zając

Tech Lead UI/UX

Wojtek has 18 years of experience in front-end development and holds a degree in Human-Computer Interaction. His previous clients include Twitter, FOX Broadcasting Company, Riot Games, and Kaplan. He is passionate about making DeFi accessible to everyone.

Connor Emrysimage

Connor Emrys

Senior Full-stack Engineer

Connor is a full-stack engineer who has previously worked in building centralised finance applications and is the lead developer for the Sanshu-Inu community token.

Dmytro Kostrubimage

Dmytro Kostrub

Senior Full-stack Engineer

Full-stack JavaScript developer with 10+ years of experience. Previously worked as a Frontend Engineer for Google, Amazon and Kraken. Web3.0 Enthusiast and Tech Founder.

Girts Popovsimage

Girts Popovs

Devops Engineer

Girts previously worked as a Devops Engineer in various companies and industries. Starting from enterprise IT and ending with online gambling platforms.

Tanya Rozeimage

Tanya Roze

Software Developer

Excellence-driven specialist with bachelor degree in Software Engineering. Started to be interested in development since middle school. Appreciate in people professionalism and honesty.

Seraphim Czeckerimage

Seraphim Czecker

Head of Risk

Seraphim is an experienced finance professional, having worked as an FX and swaps trader for Goldman Sachs and managed a private portfolio of digital assets.

Garv Khuranaimage

Garv Khurana

Senior Risk Engineer

Garv is an actuarial professional who loves his freedom to experiment with foolhardy ideas; He employs research, science and coding as his permanent tools. Currently, he is implementing an agent-based risk simulator to study, identify, and mitigate risks for Euler and its users.

Ayana T. Aspembitovaimage

Ayana T. Aspembitova

Senior Research Analyst

Ayana has experience working as Quantitative Analyst in both Traditional and Decentralized Finance. She specializes in math modelling, risk management and simulations. Prior to starting her career, she did PhD in Statistical Physics at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Nicholas Sheafimage

Nicholas Sheaf

Senior Research Analyst

Nick is a researcher who previously worked for DeFiSafety. He went to McGill University, where he studied Political Science and consequently is especially interested in the power of narratives in DeFi.

Matija Skrnjugimage

Matija Skrnjug

Community Manager

Matija is a crypto investor and an entrepreneur who worked in the real sector of the economy for the greater part of his life. He joined the crypto space in 2017 and has been an active member of the crypto community ever since.

Lyeloon Kaziimage

Lyeloon Kazi

Finance Lead

Lyeloon is an experienced finance director and business leader, with 18 years of experience working with global award-winning creative agencies. Balancing purpose and profit in the world of business is one of Lyeloon’s greatest passions, and will always remain her mantra.

Dharan Desaiimage

Dharan Desai

Finance Associate

Dharan is an experienced financial modeller who has worked with some of the fastest growing startups in the UK. Helping grow scalable, efficient finance solutions and implementing systems is his forte.

Nicolas Schleicherimage

Nicolas Schleicher

Former Research Intern

A student at Imperial College London studying Maths and Computing. I have always been interested in cybersecurity and discovered DeFi after reading about the Poly Network exploit. Since then, I have been learning as much as I can about web 3.0 security and blockchain technology.

Jungyoon Limimage

Jungyoon Lim

Risk Intern

Joanne is currently a student at Brown University, studying Applied Mathematics and Philosophy. Joanne enjoys writing on her blog and doing CrossFit in her free time.

Katheryn Milliganimage

Katheryn Milligan

Former Research Intern

Katheryn is a student at Harvard working towards a major in Applied Mathematics and Economics. She enjoys all things math and loves to learn new approaches to problem solving.

Euler partners

Backed by leading investors


Uncommon Core

Kain Warwick


David Hoffman


Anthony Sassano

The Daily Gwei

Ryan Sean Adams


Supriyo Roy

Former Amazon

Xin Wang

Kaifuku Capital

Luke Youngblood


Josh Buckley

Product Hunt

Richard Burton

Fei Protocol

Manu Andorra



As an early member of the team you will have the opportunity to have a significant impact on the growth of Euler and be rewarded accordingly with a competitive salary.

Our culture

  • We are results-driven, with a focus on quality outcomes, not time spent working.
  • We encourage debate, challenge conventional wisdom, and thrive on constructive feedback.
  • We believe in collaboration, transparency and accountability.
  • We are committed to building a diverse, inclusive company.

Work ethic

  • We hire the best people, wherever in the world they are.
  • We work flexible hours and welcome employees having a balanced working schedule.
  • We are a fully remote team and work wherever suits us.
  • We work asynchronously with flexible meeting times.

Benefits and perks

  • Make impactful contributions to an early-stage startup. Shape the future of finance.
  • Work with intelligent, kind and inspiring people. Collaborate with some of the top teams in DeFi.
  • Remote working with flexible hours. Enjoy a work-life balance.
  • Competitive salary.

How do we hire?

We are looking for experience and proof-of-work, not certificates Candidates can send us a CV, LinkedIn profile, GitHub account, website, or just plain email, for initial screening to

The best candidates will then be invited on a call to discuss their motivations, industry knowledge, background and experience with one of the founding team.

Depending on the role, we will then invite candidates to a further technical interview designed to bring out their best qualities and let them showcase their skill.


Euler Labs is pleased to partner with we3 to invest in diverse and exceptional talent. Euler Labs also proudly supports charities such as Code to Inspire ,Girls Who Code, Crypto Tutors and Crypto Kids Camp .

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