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Euler Labs Newsletter May Summary

Euler Labs Newsletter May Summary

Let's recap what has happened over the past few weeks!

If you read the last newsletter, you’ll know the labs team has been quite busy over the last month, so here’s a summary of all the other major events in May!

eIP7 passed, MATIC is now a collateral asset.

Euler protocol has integrated with Zapper.

The EulerDAO and on-chain governance will be going live soon, while the details of the launch phases has been published.

The Euler Protocol Features education series continues with an article overview.

A new user guide education series kicked off with an overview of Euler protocol's UI, with more in-depth content yet to come.

altooptimo.eth updated an excellent Dune dashboard for various Euler protocol metrics.

A new front-end update has changed some UI sections and added a disclaimer to the dApp, so users can be more aware of the terms of use.

The Euler protocol Canny page for feedback is being replaced with GitHub Discussions.

Chainguys has translated the Euler protocol white paper and many other published articles into Chinese. 谢谢你!

Seraphim wrote about stress testing of the Uniswap TWAPs during the recent market volatility, and also about Euler protocol’s attractive liquidation bonus compared to other protocols. The latest DeFi 2.71 podcast interview discussed privacy layer protocol Aztec with cofounder Joe Andrews.

Euler protocol currently has a total supply of $292.65M with TVL of $87.9M and $204.75M in total borrowed, while the reserves have increased to $703.32k. There are 3,748 lenders and 722 borrowers over 60 markets.

In Other Labs News

Meet the Labs’ team at Consensus in Austin, Texas next week from 9-12 June.

If you're in Germany, join Michael at the inaugural Blockchain Oracle Summit in Berlin on 7-9 June.

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