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Euler Labs Newsletter July Summary

Euler Labs Newsletter July Summary

Let's recap what has happened over the past few weeks!

If you read the last newsletter, you’ll know the Labs team has been quite busy over the last month, so here’s a summary of all the other major events in July!

Two new proposals aim to set an allocation of DAO treasury to agEUR and implement a DAO to DAO swap.

Two grant proposals aim to integrate Euler protocol into Texochat and for DeFishy to build a liquidation health dashboard.

DeFiSafety reviewed Euler protocol with an in-depth report and rated 95% on its Process Quality Review. The Labs team is working on documentation to increase this score even more.

Gemini now supports Euler Finance.

Crypto Briefing released a feature project spotlight on Euler protocol.

Barry Fried wrote an in-depth thread about Euler protocol and its liquidation mechanisms.

Lark Davis released an interview about Euler protocol.

Epoch 9 is currently underway, check here for some stats on the previous one.

CryptoPunk and Milady markets (via FloorDAO) and CADC, LDO, AAVE, FTT were activated on Euler protocol.

Euler protocol currently has a total supply of $378.72M with TVL of $215.09M and $163.63M in total borrowed, while the reserves have increased to $1.10M. There are 4,200 lenders and 707 borrowers over 85 markets.

In Other Labs News

Michael and Seraphim joined zkLend’s AMA (recording) who also wrote a detailed thread on Euler protocol.

Michael was quoted in an article from Blockworks on the upcoming ETH merge.

Michael attended the Around the Coin Podcast.

Seraphim spoke with Idle DAO about DeFi and lending markets.

Seraphim attended EthCC and is on his way to Korea Blockchain Week.

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