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Euler Labs Newsletter April Summary

Euler Labs Newsletter April Summary

Let's recap what has happened over the past few weeks!

If you read the last newsletter, you’ll know the labs team has been quite busy over the last month, so here’s a summary of all the other major events in April!

Euler protocol has nearly finished its 3rd epoch as it reached $100M TVL earlier in the month and had one of the highest growths in revenue for dApps from March to April.

eIP8 was passed, which made upgrades to Euler protocol smart contracts.

A change on the oracle for agEUR was passed.

eIP10 was proposed on the forums and aims to promote MKR as a cross asset.

eIP11 was also proposed and looks to promote wstETH to collateral tier.

To make things easier, a Mine function was implemented and a time-to-liquidation (TTL) estimate feature will soon be added.

Token Terminal wrote an in-depth research report on Euler protocol.

Solidity dev 0xTomoyo wrote about Euler protocol’s unique sub-account coding.

The Euler protocol documentation was translated into Chinese by Chainguys.

Several new markets were activated, including Maker (MKR), Origin Protocol (OGN), and wrapped staked Ether (wstETH). Ape Board also announced Euler protocol is supported on their platform.

Amid the current bear market Euler protocol has $282.38M in total supply, $73.13M in TVL, and $209.25M in total being borrowed across 58 total markets with $598.51k in reserves. Euler protocol currently has 3,584 lenders and 751 borrowers.

In Other Labs News

The labs team had a blast at PBWS, where Michael was a speaker on risk management. Michael was also interviewed on the BlockHash podcast and the KickBlocks podcast.

Michael was also recently interviewed by Token Terminal and the Crypto101 podcast, which will premier soon.

Seraphim was interviewed in eFinancialCareers and attended Devconnect in Amsterdam on 25th April.

Meet Seraphim at Blockwork’s Permissionless in Palm Beach, Florida if you're in the US from 17-19 May.

If you're in Germany, join Michael at the inaugural Blockchain Oracle Summit in Berlin on 7-9 June.

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